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                                         Lamb Shank

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                                     Beef Tenderloin


Pork Chop

French cut grilled pork chop with mango-apricot sauce served with roasted potatoes and spinach. $20


Rainbow Trout

Grilled trout with a artichoke heart, caper, diced tomatoes, and crabmeat white wine sauce over grilled vegetables. $19


Seafood Risotto

Fresh shrimp, calamari, and crawfish tails with mushrooms, asparagus, and spinach in a light creamy tomato sauce mixed with risotto. $19


Beef Tenderloin

Tenderloin with mushroom Lombardo Marsala sauce served with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. $24



               Pistachio Trout           

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               Pasta Villagio

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               Seafood Risotto